Frequently Asked Questions About the Amaze App

These FAQs are intended for Apple, Google and Stripe

Questions that have been previously answered are included below.

Amaze has had a history of disruptive rejections of new app builds. On multiple occasions, the same questions have been asked as have been previously answered. And adjustments made to please one reviewer have been rejected by another. With this in mind, Amaze has decided to capture the questions and answers here to speed the review process.

Amaze app users have the option of enabling location services. When they do, Amaze loads geofences for local emergency rooms onto the device. When the device crosses a geofence, the user is given the option of calling Amaze. It is a way to remind people that they have access to telemedicine, something people often forget.  Amaze does not track users’ locations. The geofence resides on the mobile device. Only upon choosing to call Amaze via the app are we notified of the users location. This is to facilitate a 911 call if the user is in distress and it allows us to direct them to appropriate local medical facilities. Users are advised, in the app, to call 911 directly in an emergency.

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The App asks for the following permissions (all permissions are optional): location (see Location in this section), Calendar (see Calendar), Microphone, and Camera.
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The App does not ask for permission to access devices via bluetooth.
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The Amaze app asks some users for permission to access their calendar. This is optional and is only asked if their subscription includes Medical Appointment support.

When Calendar Permission is granted, the app checks the phones synced calendar(s) for appointments that look like medical appointments (e.g., “pediatrician” or “MRI”). If an appointment looks like a medical appointment, the user is prompted with a question, “Is this a medical appointment. Would you like to add it to your Amaze account?”  If the answer is “yes,” the user is then invited to request other support such as questions to ask their doctor or help finding a lower cost imaging center.



All Amaze staff are regularly trained and certified to adhere to HIPAA standards. Medical team members and customer support team members have access to account information.                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Amaze does not share any information with third parties.  The information is stored on Microsoft Azure and third party services are used for communication (Twilio). Other integrations are to pull information (such as drug prices), but they do not require that we pass our user’s information to the third party.



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The Amaze app serves the United States. The app is available to people anywhere in the United States. Telemedicine is disabled if we are not medically licensed in a particular state but the other services are still available.

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Amaze does not provide specific COVID-19 services other than to diagnose and treat a sick patient like any other telemedicine service.

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