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The menu for accessing and changing all your personal information can be found by touching the three lines in the upper right-hand corner.  You can add a family member by selecting the “Add Family Member” tab in the menu. Then, input the required information and be sure to press “Save Family Member” at the bottom of your screen.

Go into any profile and tap the edit button on the top right of the screen.  Edit what needs to be changed and hit “Save Profile.”  Please note that you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the profile to save it.

When you add new profiles and insert your family members’ contact information and their unique email address, they will automatically receive an invitation to install the app if they are older than 18.  You can install the app yourself for younger family members who are allowed to use it.

From the main menu, under “Settings” there is an option to control Family Privacy Settings.  Select “Edit” to give family members permission to update or make changes to your account. Select “View” to give family members view-only access. Select “None” to prevent family members from seeing any account details.

Click the “Chat With Us” button. This will look like it is calling but it is actually opening a chatbox on our end.  If at any time during the chat we need video, we can switch on our end to video with your permission.

Adding current healthcare providers to your profile ensures that you always have quick access to their information when you need it. It also helps our medical team coordinate care when you call in for service.

Yes! The more information our healthcare professionals have, the better. Another great reason to fill out those sections is that information about your medical history, current medications and ongoing conditions is requested and required before every face to face healthcare encounter. Your Amaze app is the perfect place to store that information so you always have it handy.

To change or cancel you subscription, login and click on “Manage Subscriptions” in either the Amaze Health App or the Amaze Health Member Portal. You can change your subscription level or cancel at any time.

Amaze does not permanently store, or routinely monitor your location; nor do we sell or share any of your data, including location, with any third-party services or entities, including your employer.  

When you enable location services for the Amaze appthe system periodically compares your device’s location to the location of medical facilities in the same vicinity. This is done in the background and does not adversely affect the performance of your device. 

Certain events, such as crossing an Amaze-defined boundary surrounding a medical facility or contacting Amaze through the mobile application will trigger a “location event”. These location events are described below.   

When crossing an Amaze-defined boundary surrounding a medical facility, like an emergency room, you may receive a notification on your device reminding you that live support is available, or directing you to helpful, time-sensitive information if live support is not available. The notification also provides one-tap access to the Contact Amaze feature in the app when live medical support is available. 

Another location event is triggered whenever you contact Amaze through the Contact Amaze feature in the appThis provides a location “snapshot” only and helps the Amaze support team to provide you with timelyimportant and locally relevant informationThis is the only time Amaze is actively aware of your location, and your location snapshot is only visible to our live support team for the duration of the chat, audio, or video session. 

To receive the best level of support and information, we recommend that you always have location services enabled for the Amaze app. However, you can disable location services at any time in your device’s location settings. Please refer to your device’s particular operating system information for instructions on how to change your location settings. 


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